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Best back home confinement

  had just given birth to the child, the new MOM is more or less a different degree of anxiety, nervous, edgy, depressed, depression, how to prevent and alleviate? I recommend:
1, postpartum don't let too many interruptions. Postpartum to have adequate sleep and rest, directly affect new mothers emotions of excessive sleepiness. To minimize the unnecessary bother, especially friends and family visits.
2, identify with the mother role as soon as possible. New mothers use role of mother, concern, care and touch the baby, often emotional exchanges with children actively take breastfeeding, which helps new mothers to eliminate thought feckless mentality.
3, the best back home confinement. In home confinement, familiar, beloved family members, can help new mothers resolve to care for baby's sense of anxiety, reduce body pains and heart trouble.
4, new and more understanding mood changes for the new MOM and dad. New fathers to try to avoid going out, actively give the baby a bath, changing diapers, and other household chores. Babies often cry in the night, the husband should live with mother and child together to help care for and avoid new mothers produce emotional grievances. When wives when depression occurs, her husband more sympathy, support, love and understanding, to avoid disputes.

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