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Beware of postpartum confinement

  nursing: clothes to keep warm, feeding position to "three stick"
implementation of breastfeeding mothers, small stomach cold, and selection of nursing bras. Night feeding, dressing do not trouble, catch cold easily make cold shoulder joint.
beginning breastfeeding new mothers are often too tired to sweat and arms ache, stiff neck. This is often due to incorrect feeding position. Correct feeding position is "three stick"/chest stick post abdominal chest, abdomen, lower breast. Mother holding the baby's buttocks with his hand, my mother's elbow holding the baby's head and neck, the baby's upper body lying in his mother's forearms, this baby is sucking the most comfortable position.
at room temperature: 20 c ~25 c, moisturizing is important
in early spring "confinement", the indoor temperature at 20 ¡æ ~25 ¡æ. In the South without heating, air conditioning and electric heating equipment can be used to keep the indoor temperature; climate when it is dry, maintaining proper humidity is also very important. In General, the indoor humidity to 55%~65% is appropriate. More convenient methods of humidification is buying a humidifier, if also functions with the exception of bacteria would be better, or put a pan of water in the indoor
in addition to temperature and humidity should be fit, but also to keep indoor air fresh. Ensure Windows that open air twice a day (once in the afternoon), 15-20 minutes at a time. New mother and baby room ventilation and light, it'll make a new MOM feel comfortable and conducive to observe baby's change.
grooming: bath a week postpartum, avoid exposure to cold water
spring up to 1 week after birth to take a bath. Room temperature should be at 20 ¡æ ~22 ¡æ, the water temperature at 37 degrees Celsius or slightly hot, shower not too close, bath time will not take too long, with 5-10 minutes.
after bath time with heaters to blow dry hair, body of water dried as soon as possible, in time to put on warm clothes and walked out of the bathroom and to avoid catching cold or wind. After you shower in the evening, do not go straight to bed, drink a cup of hot water, dry and sleep again.
women bathing, in accordance with traditional practice, wind party in ginger can also be chosen, namely wind 50 g, ginger 50 g, hammer break, wash, frying in a large pot of water, filter residue, wash your hair and wash them, or direct use of ginger after boiling water bath, this folk recipe, dispelling the cold and more dramatically.
nutrition: confinement meals ban cold fruit eaten boiled
confinement, we should eat high nutrients, calories and easy to digest foods and to drink plenty of water, to facilitate rapid recovery of the body and to ensure sufficient milk. Postpartum multiple virtual multiple deposition should be fast, cold, cold. Cold stomach, cold blood, Lochia, and can cause postpartum abdominal pain, pain, and many other diseases. Onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and other spicy hot foods should diet to avoid constipation, hemorrhoids and discomfort.
vegetables, fruits are also essential. Of course, some physical deficiency-cold fruit of the new mother may cause stomach upset, fruit can be cut before, slightly cooked with water, even eating the residue with water, not cold.
spring what confinement?
spring is the season of all things. However, chill, alternating current in winter and spring, the weather is always hot. Traditional Chinese medicine goes, "long wind for all diseases", new mothers after childbirth was very weak when the wind most likely to take advantage, leading to a new mother appears cold, headache, joint pain and other symptoms.
confinement cannot eat 3 meals
mothers day chewing chocolate in your mouth, it will affect the appetite, body fat, and essential nutrients are lacking, and it would certainly affect maternal health. So women had better not eat chocolate.
confinement does not need too many "rules"
delivery have a huge impact on maternal body of the function, maternal physical and psychological changes occur, appropriate rest, proper diet and exercise, is helpful for your recovery, but don't let that confinement is bored in the bedroom, anything can be done.