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Confinement food should not be too fine

  in many people's mind, maternal care is to stay at home after giving birth, can not go out even can't see the Sun, every day, "pampered". In addition, eggs and fish soup in maternal and formula are the protagonists on the table to help women "those specified". Experts caution that maternal care during normal activities and eat not too fine.
health experts pointed out that maternal care didn't have to "tight", if birth mothers having children can access to activities. In the diet, mothers should not eat too fine, because the food is too fine a nutrient loss is possible, and the other is eating refined grains and too fine food such as eggs, milk, can easily lead to maternal constipation. Therefore guarantees a certain amount of food, based on coarse-grain combines eating, eat more fiber-rich foods, for coarse grain fiber can help lower cholesterol and fiber in vegetables can promote intestinal peristalsis, not only helps digestion, prevents constipation.
in addition to guarantee maternal nutrition is comprehensive, can be a normal diet, or if sufficient maternal milk, can eat more dairy foods and protein-rich foods, but don't neglect the fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, by drinking fish soup to those specified in maternal or light soup without fish, you know the soup's nutrition is limited, while the glial fibers rich in fish, can also promote bowel movement.
also, although always have the habit of eating eggs are those specified in, but medical studies have shown that, within hours of the birth mothers should not eat eggs. Because at the onset of maternal great physical exertion, sweating, lack of body fluids, digestive ability will decline. If the eggs immediately after delivery is difficult to digest, which will increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract. Within hours of birth, should be eating semi liquid or liquid food. Recommendations can have some brown sugar, water, and nutrients as brown sugar is higher, which is rich in minerals and trace elements.
so stamped diet how to fill it?
1. liver for eating in the morning, noon.
2. egg yolk of iron on anemia in maternal effect.
3. lotus root and rib soup to treat anemia symptoms during the confinement period, Lotus root with ease nervous tension.
4. Scallops with emotional stability, to treat postpartum depression.
5. carrots are rich in vitamins a, b and c, are women's best dishes.
6. kidney strengthening kidney and promoting a new body metabolism, restore function and treatment of low back pain and other effects of the uterus.
7. Sesame calcium is high, eating can prevent calcium loss and constipation.
8. pig blood tongru and treatment of postpartum milk-absence syndrome.
9. peanuts can raise blood to stop bleeding, anemia, bleeding disorders can be treated, its nourishing effect.
10. high fiber of celery, preventable maternal constipation eat.
11. sticky rice flavor ganping, BU Zhong Yi Qi, red shrimp oil meal is a maternal noble qualities.
12. black beans are rich in plant protein and vitamins a, b, c, foot swelling, abdominal muscle relaxation and body have improved efficacy.
13. g zero cholesterol food high protein, for weakness, weight loss fatigue postpartum edema, jaundice, kidney deficiency are edible.
14. pig has strengthened the function of the heart.
15. kissing fish are high in calcium and suitable maternal consumption.