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Breastfeeding and maternal and child health benefit

nutrition and promote development of infants: the nutrients contained in breast milk is best for baby's digestion and absorption and high bioavailability, and its quality and quantity as the babies grow and change needs to happen.
enhance immune function, resistance to disease: breast milk is rich in immune proteins and immune cells, such as secretion of immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, lysozyme, and fibronectin, bifidus factor | education network collection; the latter such as lymphocytes and macrophages. Breastfeeding can decrease the infant diarrhea, respiratory and skin infections.
contribute to tooth development and protection: sucking muscles help to face the normal development and prevention of dental caries due to bottle feeding. When breastfeeding, infant skin contact with the mother, infant emotional connection, for infants to establish harmonious and healthy psychology plays an important role.
good for mothers
① helps prevent postpartum hemorrhage: sucking stimulates prolactin and oxytocin, oxytocin makes contractions to reduce postpartum hemorrhage.
II lactation amenorrhea: nursing nursing no delay ovulation and menses, matrix protein, iron and other nutrients are stored through postpartum amenorrhea and postpartum recovery, helps extend the spacing.
and aim at reducing maternal risk of breast and ovarian cancer risk.
therefore, it is recommended that breastfeeding, breastfeeding on demand. Room of mother and infant, early contact and early suck. In half an hour after delivery starts lactating, breast milk, though small by newborn sucking motion stimulates lactation. Early lactation can also promote uterine contractions and involution. Breastfeeding time and frequency depend on the newborn's needs and the nurse was breast swells.
breast expansion: due to excessive full breasts and breast controls are not smooth. Moist heat compress 3-5 minutes before breastfeeding, massage, tapping and shaking breasts, frequent breastfeeding, emptying the breasts.
milk: milk when nursing mothers should be encouraged to establish confidence, guiding nursing methods, on-demand breastfeeding, breastfeeding at night.
milk: mothers unable to nurse should return as soon as milk. Stop breastfeeding while less into soup, other methods of milk back: 60~90g ① malt, water as a tea drink, daily dose, and even served 3-5; II sulfate 250g-packing gauze bag or two, apply the two breasts and wrap, wet hard replace c vitamin B6200mg oral, 3 times a day, a total of 5-7 days.
chapped nipples: serious person should stop breastfeeding.