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"Talking to myself" is a children's game

  "talking to myself" is the children's games, children's games with imaginary partners. Only children are more likely to have an imaginary partner to himself is clever way to loneliness.
careful parents may find, when the child is alone in the game, often played a variety of roles, often talking to himself, sometimes with the role of dialogue, and dialogue with another role, as if he was some "partners" to play with. Some parents are concerned that they, and suspect that your child is suffering from some form of mental illness. In fact, this is the normal behaviour of children, where the "roles" is children's imaginary playmates, "talking to himself" is a children's game. Help your baby smarter!
family of three modern family structures, determines the majority of children in childhood often have more time to be at home alone game, and it often appears younger parents worried about children's games. Speech is the thinking of children's game audio performance, it is accompanied by the game, reflect behavior issues and actions in the process results.
children's imaginary playmates, imaginary Playmate is children's play soulmates, invisible friends. According to studies, some 15%~3O% children for this phenomenon, generally between 2.5~6 years old. Generally, this phenomenon to school age, with children's social activities will gradually disappear, may also be extended to 10 years.