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Touch is the best way an unborn baby

  popular now prenatal care, so as to make your baby smarter, touching an unborn baby is early tactile communication between parents and child baby through touch MOM's belly, the parents of unborn babies can feel and respond to touch is the best way an unborn baby.
2 months of pregnancy, fetal baby in utero activity, but the range is very small, mothers feel, with the increase in pregnancy, activities will increase throughput of amniotic fluid, squinting, and sucked her finger, fist, until the stretch, turn, flip, etc. Therefore, early pregnancy, prenatal fetal touch can be implemented.
but be aware, at the touch of an unborn baby during not only child children feel their parents ' love, can make the expectant mother relax, euphoria, also deepens the family's feelings, so, touching an unborn baby in the expectant father involvement is especially important among other things also.
expectant fathers should always across the fetal baby belly gently stroked, and assist the mother let some intrauterine fetal baby campaign, best is stroked with the fetal baby talk, and tell the baby's Daddy touching him.
touch prenatal can exercise tire baby skin of touch, and through touch neural feel body outside of stimulus, to promote has tire baby brain cell of development, speed up tire baby of Intelligence Development; touch prenatal also can inspired up tire baby activities of enthusiasm, promote motor of development.
often by touch of tire baby, on outside environment of reaction also compared smart, was born Hou turn, and caught holds, and crawling, and sat State, and walking, big movement development are can obviously ahead of.
expert: touch before the fetal babies, expectant mothers should avoid bad mood, should remain stable, relaxed, happy, peace of mind, while emptying urine. When you touch an unborn baby, prenatal prenatal education and music if combined with dialogue and other methods, the effect will be even better.