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Son mother easy to make mistakes

  after the birth of his baby, the new mum's life suddenly nervous. Confinement should not only take care of baby, yangxi frail body, numerous and in a flurry of attention they may be making a mistake, affects the health of physical rehabilitation and baby. So, new Mommy in the month is easy to make some mistakes?
error 1. postpartum Checkup
If not to do not to get tested, it cannot be found in a timely manner and processed as soon as possible, easy to delay treatment or remnants of illness. Therefore, 6-8 weeks postpartum to hospital for a full postnatal examination, in order to understand and pelvic organs of the body is restored to pre-pregnancy State, learn about breastfeeding. If you have special does not apply, should go to the hospital to check in advance.
error 2. malted milk drink tonic
malted milk nutritious, delicious, nourishing, maternal breastfeeding is often drink malt is not scientific.
because the malt malt inhibit mammary glands secretion. Breastfeeding mothers often malted milk drink, would significantly reduce the secretion of milk, traditional Chinese medicine has always been as milk malt medication.
error 3. regular chocolate
chocolate contains theobromine is into breast milk, and through breastfeeding into the baby's body, damage the baby's nervous system and heart, cause indigestion, unstable sleeping and crying constantly. In addition, eat chocolate, will affect the appetite of the maternal, resulting in inadequate supply of nutrients the body needs. This affects not only the physical rehabilitation of maternal, also affects the baby's growth and development.
error 4. regular tea
much water into the broth while increasing the secretion of milk, but tea contains tannic acid will affect the intestinal absorption of iron, and suffer from postpartum anemia. Moreover, tea also contains caffeine, women not only difficult to sleep after drinking tea, affecting physical recovery, caffeine also through breast milk into the baby's body, causing intestinal cramps or sudden crying for no reason.
error 5. soup without meat
birth to drink some chicken soup, fish soup and sparerib soup, tofu soup, can really promote the secretion of milk. But also want to eat meat, because many of the nutrients in meat, are not entirely in the soup. If you only drink soup rather than eating meat, can affect the body's nutritional intake.
error 6. eat the hens don't eat roosters
body after childbirth estrogen and progesterone levels are decreased, and facilitates the formation of milk. Hen's ovary and egg coating contains a certain amount of estrogen, would weaken the effect of prolactin, which affects milk secretion. Rooster testicles in the male hormone, can counter estrogen. If you eat with testicular Rooster stewed together with, will no doubt make milk secretion. Moreover, the less fat cock, maternal eating not easy to gain weight, helps keep breastfeeding better figure, nor likely to cause baby diarrhea.
error 7. eat eggs every day
eggs are rich in high quality proteins, is high in nutritional value, very suitable for maternal eating, but not eat the better. Eat eggs and the body cannot absorb more, will only increase the burden on the stomach, affect other food intake, resulting in unbalanced nutritional intake, maternal body is not conducive to rehabilitation, and also to increase lactation. In General, eating 3-4 eggs every day in the month is appropriate.
error 8. drink sugar water for a long time
some maternal confined just to drink sugar water, believed to invigorate and enrich, promote postpartum Lochia discharge. Postpartum tonic is good but will not drink the longer, the better. Because, starting in about 10 days postpartum Lochia decreased uterine contractions returned to normal. If you drink sugar water for too long, it will increase blood flow of Lochia, resulting in continued blood loss causing anemia. In General, postnatal time to drink sugar water to 7-10 days is appropriate.
error 9.
the food was very light some mothers think that salt will rot your stomach in the first days after childbirth, is not conducive to recovery, they are always eating very light meals, even a little salt did not, in fact, doing so would be counterproductive. Because women sweat more in confinement, mammary gland secretion is also very strong, prone to lack of water in the body. If you do not eat salt will only exacerbate dehydration is not conducive to physical strength as soon as possible. Therefore, the amount of salt in the dish.
Error 10.
or soup per day unlimited drink delicious, such as carp soup, egg drop soup, is not only easy to digest, and also promote the secretion of milk. Therefore, each woman in confinement without soup. But soup was a learned man, not to increase the secretion of milk drink unlimited, or likely to cause breast pain, improper can cause mastitis.
Error 11. a month long standing, long squatted
some women think that, almost as long as a month to show that recovery of the body. So, a month does not care for a long time, long time crouching or vigorous exercise. In fact, the reproductive organs in the pelvic and not fully reset, function has not fully recovered. If you do not pay attention to the protection, can still affect the reproductive organs to reset.
error 12. dishes must be wine
wine is the role of blood, have recently given birth mothers cooking add some wine can help discharge Lochia. But if your Lochia has been clean and still not appropriate for cooking food with wine, especially during the summer. Because alcohol can create poor uterine contraction, Lochia dribbling urine.
error 13. hair braids
some mothers-to-be after bathing, hair still wet on wet hair into a braid and go straight to bed. In this way, easy evil invades the body water will cause headaches and pains in the neck.
error 14. read a book or the Internet for a long time
postnatal premature or prolonged reading, Internet, makes women particularly during pregnancy complicated with pregnancy-induced hypertension, eye fatigue, reading or the Internet are susceptible to eye pain for a long time in the future. So, in the early puerperium unfavorable more books or Internet access, once the physical rehabilitation within.
Error 15. when eating spicy foods
confined in poor appetite, some maternal eating spicy food for an appetizer, spicy foods harmful to the health of the mother. Because, just after delivery of maternal body heat, prone to mouth sores, constipation and discomfort, and even lead to hemorrhoids. Furthermore, maternal body heat will affect the baby through breast milk, the baby sick. Thus, within 1 month after delivery should not eat garlic, chili, pepper, fennel, leeks, spicy food.
error 16. cool in summer shower greedy
some confinement women in the summer, in order to stay comfortable in not too hot water showers. This desire for cool manner, tend to bring a lot of trouble. Postpartum contact cooling will make the qi and blood stagnation, that Lochia can't smooth out, leading to painful or irregular periods in the future. The bath water should be close to body temperature, around 37 degrees Celsius.
Error 17. premature wearing body shaping underwear
wear tight-fitting of body-shaping underwear will affect the health of the body, is not conducive to postpartum recovery, especially caesarean section. Experts recommend 1 month following the birth, however, breastfeeding mothers should keep on breastfeeding bra.
error 18. excessive intake of nutritional
excessive intake of nutrients can cause maternal body fat, not only made it difficult for body recovery, mental health, can also lead to disorders of glucose and fat metabolism in the body, increase the incidence of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease. In addition, the excessive intake of nutrients are easily absorbed the baby too much, cause baby fat.
error 19. early to do strenuous exercise
early postnatal exercise and to promote the recovery and promotion of organ reduction have a good role, but must themselves exercise. Some mothers scrambling to regain stature, confinement began to take heavy exercise or strenuous exercise. This can affect health, organ recovery, will also affect the edge or side-cutting of caesarean section wound healing.

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