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Confinement errors

  doors and Windows shut a lot of people think that mothers wind, the wind is "baby wind" (a reference to puerperal fever), and thus the maternal houses closed, maternal wrapped head tied legs, prevent wind attacks. Expert Tip: if poor indoor health environment, air pollution, it is easy to make maternal and infant suffering from respiratory tract infections. During the confinement, should maintain good indoor ventilation.
cannot be too late out of bed early postnatal bed not only helps lower extremity blood flow increases and Lochia discharge, also make the abdominal muscles a workout, an early resumption of the contractile force, thus protecting the uterus, rectum and bladder and other organs. Under normal circumstances, 24 hours postpartum to sit up in bed, 3rd day to get out of bed to walk.
dishes as light as possible due to postpartum sweat more, mammary gland secretion, maternal prone to water and salt in the body, so the amount of added salt.
can't wash the bath sweating for women during childbirth, postpartum and often sweating, coupled with continued excretion and secretion of milk of Lochia, makes it easier for pathogens invade the body and postpartum is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene. Go two or three days you can take a bath but shower is suitable, not bath.
eat better eggs nutritious, easily digestible, suitable maternal consumption. But some maternal ten or twenty a day, not only absorb, also affect the intake of other foods, so two or three eggs a day after delivery is sufficient.
24 hours postpartum "opening of milk" on milk, the sooner the better, as the baby sucked nipples can not only promote the secretion of breast milk, and uterine contractions, uterus early resumption, at the same time, newborns can be nutrient-rich colostrum as soon as possible is the "threefold advantages". Typically, 30-minute breastfeeding postpartum.