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Oceans MOM why not sit out

  confinement or not, is closely related to local diets eating habits, people choose to be confined in Europe and do not choose to sit out, are justified. But as Chinese eating habits change, perhaps one day this custom disappeared is unknown.
Yang MOM why not sit out? Why are they not confined disease?
Yang MOM why not sit out
whether the Chinese women take themselves too seriously? Here, we take a look, and maternal care in China what to do.
first, we also take a look at maternal demand for several main nutrients:
, protein: Fetal protein 400~800g itself, and placenta and other needs were obtained from the mother body 900g protein requirements.
II, iron: Fetal manufacture blood and muscles need iron, iron part must also be stored in the liver, for within 6 months after the birth of consumption. Also part to extra storage to cope with loss of blood when the production of iron.
c, calcium: calcium levels in the body of the fetus to a Late Pregnancy 20G, this means that Late Pregnancy fetal calcium per day extracted from the mother body 300mg. Itself to store calcium 30g for nursing and pregnant women, that is their daily required reserves 200mg Late Pregnancy pregnant women. This means that more pregnant women than ordinary women calcium intake 500mg.
four, vitamin b family: proportional to the basic metabolic rate and, due to metabolism of pregnant women and their fetuses are very high, so the demand for Group b respectively.
and vitamin c and other vitamins and minerals in high demand all have varying degrees of improvement. In addition to vitamins a, due to vitamin a deficiency or overdose can cause fetal malformations, in synchronization with the usual intake of vitamin a during pregnancy. But after the production, demand for vitamin a will increase to more than 1.6 times times more than usual.
have all nutrients are longer than usual during pregnancy increase, and increases vary, so, no nutritional or no family nutrition criteria would be difficult to do the diet of pregnant women. Until the time of production, many of the pregnant woman's body nutrient reserves almost have been consumed there. The consumption of nutrient reserves was to add as soon as possible, otherwise, it will cause permanent damage to the maternal. Therefore, China gradually form a production set to add custom, it's confinement.
confinement: woman has been renewed time
in the North of China, typically confinement during maternity is to eat some food, stewed Trotter with bean powder, egg dipped in sesame. Analyse carefully, trotters stewed beans, mainly to provide protein, collagen, and trace amounts of calcium and other minerals. Dipped in Sesame powder and eggs provide protein, calcium (sesame is rich in calcium) and other minerals, and some vitamins, and so on.
about food culture in the South, is relatively rich in dietary pattern come during confinement. But because they have to be of a perennial experience of, there is no comprehensive nutrition data. Therefore, on nutrient mix and may not be entirely reasonable.
the lack of these nutrients during pregnancy, through forms of pregnancy. For example, B1, folic acid deficiency, associated with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, muscle weakness, and so on. Folic acid is needed for synthesis of nucleic acid, lack of fetal anemia occurs, incomplete development of the nervous system, a harelip, or even stillbirth, miscarriage. Other group b lack can lead to abortion and so on.
Although the fetal blood and mother's blood do not mix, they just pass through the placenta to Exchange nutrients in the blood, but the Exchange was almost one-way. MOM nutrients pass through the arteries to the fetus and fetal metabolic wastes and toxins to mother's vein. As a result, waste a sudden increase in the mother's blood, which would substantially increase the burden on the liver and kidney (which is also one of the causes of nausea and vomiting). At this point, the mother may need more vitamin c to detoxify and Detox.
protein, the Chinese dominated by plant sources, and good plant sources of protein are not proteins, so Chinese pregnant women in the second trimester a day, an increase 15G, late pregnancy 25G source of protein. The same demand for pregnant women in Europe and America to meat, milk and eggs as the main source of protein, so they just daily 9G. Moreover, protein metabolism requires the involvement of Group b, if b lack, a pregnant woman is hard to deal with the extra dozens of grams of protein.
, if we are interested in looking at new born baby, can not help but sigh. This little guy all the calcium in the bones, are derived from the mother. So, a little bit long mean mothers paid more calcium. Physiological function has a lot of calcium, for example, can boost the immune system, providing power for muscle contraction and improve the nervous system, and so on. When MOM is losing large amounts of calcium but not add as soon as possible, the resistance was very weak. Therefore, civil awareness, confinement is unable to open the window, otherwise susceptible to the wind got sick. Calcium shortage will lead to collapse of the nervous system. B and calcium, are the nutrients of the nervous system, when they lacked maternal nerve can become very vulnerable, showed symptoms of two extremes, either depression or irritability. This is what many new baby fathers suddenly have to put up with MOM's Moody but are ignorant of the reasons. You thought you were having a son remarkable. Many dad muttered.
is also calcium (including magnesium), in the United States in maternal nutrition survey, we will be surprised to find that they were before pregnancy, pregnancy and pregnancy after the intake was not significantly changed. Reason is that European and American eating habits have decided their rich calcium source. As with proteins, they also do not need extra large calcium supplement following the birth. Plenty of protein and calcium, for women during pregnancy and following the birth of resistance compared with normal women and there is not much difference. So they don't have to huddle after the production in his airless room. Happily go out in the Sun the synthesis of vitamin d, for them and for their children, will be a better choice for calcium supplementation.
the loss of several important nutrients, foreign mothers came less than a Chinese mother, produce sequelae for them is not that serious. Which determines their confinement are not formed by customs. Of course, I am not advocating in Europe and the diet is superior, their diet while pregnant production stage makes them a lot less trouble, but in the years that followed, also makes them eat more suffering. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and so on, they want more than the Chinese. Although such diseases is on the rise in China, but this is another topic, relevant to the current adjustment of dietary structure of Chinese people.
Europe and plenty of protein and calcium in the diet, from another point of view, they buried some of the risks, which will allow them to more single angle of attention to health. From a health standpoint, they only focus on "clothing, food, shelter and transportation" in the "food", while ignoring the other three, which cultivate habits but will lead to loss of valuable nutrients in other ways. Result in their older adults more wheelchair race.
confinement or not, is closely related to local diets eating habits, people choose to be confined in Europe and do not choose to sit out, are justified. But as Chinese eating habits change, perhaps one day this custom disappeared is unknown.