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Postpartum "beauty" confinement meals

  new MOM gives birth to baby prone to swelling of the face, complexion is dull, acne and other phenomena, and eat some bodybuilders diet, it could afford a good recovery results. Postpartum beauty models meals are very attractive people? Come and learn to do it!
new MOM two beauty problem
problems: acne
had the baby, next to the mouth of many new mothers will have Acne "settle down", also accompanied by sore feeling. Acne in addition to postpartum hormonal changes that cause, and may be caused by emotional stress, and sleep is affected. In addition, the evil head of satisfaction when the confinement factors cannot be ruled out. Especially the body itself is relatively dry and hot new MOM, if not fill properly, the body may also find within the "fire" gas plumes, acne elimination.
challenge II: pregnancy spots
pregnancy pregnancy spots, also was slow to back after giving birth. Is different from sun spots, pregnancy spots is a piece, and "disastrous" in the position of the forehead, Chin, cheekbones, make you feel dirty.
skin care tips
adequate rest
during the month, new mothers should avoid physical exertion, up on the night to feed the baby's mother, paying particular attention to sleep during the day. Don't makeup
/> cosmetics and oils, such as easy to block pores, prevent skin breath. Figure out the month after giving birth, new MOM makeup or should be immune from free.
careful maintenance
new mum skin care must not be ignored. To wash, and to choose a mild facial cleanser, note also that the water temperature is not too hot. After cleansing the skin, don't forget to apply some good quality cream. Usually go out don't forget sunscreen in advance.

in addition to attention to detail parts needs to focus on maintenance of the skin on the face, hands, feet and lips should not be ignored. Where the skin particularly dry, with vitamins a and d ointment can be used for routine care. Recommended beauty
jujube Chrysanthemum soup
materials: Chrysanthemum 15G,
three ingredients into a pot, add the right amount of water can be eaten cooked until thick.
recommended reasons:
date contain cosmetic action of vitamin a, b vitamins and amino acids that regular consumption can make facial complexion Ruddy.
shrimps rape: rape 200g, some 50g, chicken soup with dried shrimps
1. wash rape and cut into sections, to vegetable oil stir fry.
2. Add shrimps, add salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, chicken soup, juices until cooked, add starch, making soup transparent.
recommended reasons:
rape diuretic dehumidified air, shrimps of warm and tonify kidney-Yang, chicken tonic Qi, match the three raw materials were up weak, eliminate puffiness for all, regular consumption can improve the facial swelling.
/> dissolve the pimple soup materials: barley 22, mung bean 12, some Honeysuckle 3 money, honey
1. Honeysuckle into medicine bags, other herbs wash soak for 1 hour.
2. renhe Honeysuckle first cooked Pearl barley, then add mung bean stew, when green beans are cooked then remove broken skin, stuffy for half an hour.
3. to serve, according to individual taste with hints of honey.
recommended reasons:
this soup has the efficacy of detoxification, acne, whiten, but the mother should not drink too much confinement, the right amount.
mutton soup materials: polygonatum 12, Ligustrum, lamb 3 money half a catty, bitter melon 1, regular cabbage, big bones, ginger, rice wine, and so on.
1. into medicine traditional Chinese medicine bags, and large bones, ginger, rice wine, simmer for an hour.
2. after removing the bag and big bone, and add cabbage, bitter melon, lamb slices, Cook and serve immediately.
recommended reasons:
, Chinese cabbage bitter gourd, Huang Jing, Ligustrum lucidum is cool food, lamb has a warming effect, both clear and hot, skin pale and not acne, can also make new mother's body after childbirth.
Sesame adlay Yam milk
material: black sesame powder, powder, barley powder, milk powder (to substitute soy milk also available), some honey
practice: take black sesame powder 1/3
spoons and job's tears powder mountain powder 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 2 tbsp milk powder, BREW into 250 ㏄ drinks, mix drink.
recommended reasons: wine tastes better, and laxative, heat and dehumidify, eliminating pregnancy spots. Yan Cha

free beauty ingredients: vinegar-baked bupleurum root, Angelica 1 3 money money, Radix paeoniae Alba 3, atractylodes, Angelica 2, zhigancao 1 3 money money, Poria, Ligustrum lucidum 2 3 money money, mint, ginger 5, Guizhi 1 money 3.
Chinese herbal medicine into a gauze bag, plus 1500 ㏄ of water and simmer for 45 minutes or so, ready to drink.
recommended reasons: this tea has Qi and activating blood circulation, relieving the depressed liver, nourishing kidney and whitening effects, as weekday teas used can make the skin supple and whitening, acne, spots disappear.