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Considerations for sitting out watching TV

  for the mother's health, best to rest during the confinement period, instead of watching or not watching TV and the Internet, because both kinds of radiation appliances are relatively large, is not only bad for your eyes, and sitting for long periods is bad for waist, easily lead to persistent back pain later. Of course, if you can see nothing that is only occasionally, but don't just long hours in front of the TV and the computer. See TV of time General not over half hours is should rest
confinement see TV must would like to remember 6 big note
1, and see TV of time don't too long, so as not to eyes too fatigue;
2, and to and TV keep must of distance, see TV of when eyes and TV screen of distance to keep in TV screen diagonal length of five times times, reduced electromagnetic waves on maternal and baby of radiation;
3, and appropriate to control see TV of time: watch TV of time not can had long, Best of not more than one hour a day, or one will get tired very easily. Watching TV in the process, able to close your eyes for a while, or stand up and walk around, to eliminate eye fatigue.
4, placed high to the right of the TV.
5, not irritating strong programs, such as contents of some breathtaking thrillers, sentimental, so as not to disturb the maternal emotions;
6, not too much sound when watching TV, so as not to affect the baby.