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Postnatal rest lovers should do what

  bedroom fresh and create a good living environment
wife following the birth, first thing to do is to rest, and the husband to give his wife a good living environment is very important. First thing to do is to keep your bedroom temperature and freshness of the air. If it was winter, room temperature is low, you can add an electric heating, electric stove or something, especially when you give the kids a bath. If the heat, keeping the ventilation of the room is a must. Fresh air is beneficial to maternal recovery and joyful spirit. Women would catch cold, as long as taken to avoid drafts, don't let the wind blow both adults and children can have. Note also that, in order to keep the room air clean and spray air fresheners.
nutrition, providing baby "food for thought" after
, maternal great physical exertion, rest and nutrition are completely necessary. Pay particular attention to is that after childbirth a few days ago, due to the manual has not been restored, digestive function is weak, so nutritious and easy to digest, not greasy semi liquid food, gradually after switch to diet instead of meat and reasonable to add fruits and vegetables, it can prevent fat and increase your fiber to prevent constipation.
some women postpartum breast soft, no feeling, no milk, it is a sign of postpartum deficiency, deficiency of qi and blood. At this point, the husband should pay attention to changes in diet, encouraged his wife to eat more nutritious food soups, and rooster, pig, carp, and lactation on time, by baby sucking nipples, promoting the secretion of pituitary hormone, make faster secretion of breast milk. As long as the wives don't have infectious diseases, such as hepatitis b, you can breastfeed. In addition, as a husband, paying special attention to observe his wife's breasts. In General, breast pain occurred 2-7 days postpartum. Once there, husband wife with towels to help the breast and gently massage to make smooth milk. When baby suckles unable or not can be realized by using breast pump to suck, prevent galactostasis and mastitis induced by.
of course, adequate nutrition and rest are not lying in bed all day, appropriate exercise can help postpartum physical and organ recovery. Under normal circumstances, can bed 24 hours postpartum, such as washing, eating, toilet, etc. But note that standing will not take too long, avoid squatting or lifting heavy things; nor do a lot of physical exercise in order to quickly get back in shape.
mood, creating a warm family atmosphere
wife following the birth, attention just made her eat well, drink well, sleep well, few people will be aware of his wife postpartum mental disorders, this, the protagonist of this article did a good job. Maternal postpartum psychological disorders that appear there are three main types: postpartum depression, postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis. Wife delivery Hou, regardless of from psychological also is physiological Shang will occurred is big changes, with fetal, and placenta of delivery, body hormone level suddenly declined, plus delivery Shi blood, and lost liquid, physical consumption is big, body in extreme fatigue State, feelings very vulnerable, on around of stimulus exception sensitive, husband and family of language, and attitude, and behavior will caused wife of mood fluctuations. Especially within two weeks after delivery, the wife of lot, in particular he problems need help to complete. As a husband, this phase should listen to his wife's story, encouraged his wife give vent to their inner joy or anguish, more caring and considerate, never indifferent to his wife, even to argue and complain.
modest, considerate wife health
confinement, the face of it, rested at home for a month, has made a full recovery, but it's not. After his wife gives birth to a baby, it takes about eight weeks time, the uterus can be restored to its original state when not pregnant. Postpartum one week within, uterine still will outflow contains blood, and mucus and the necrosis of uterine within film of liquid, color red, in medical Shang called "bloody Lochia"; next of one week blood volume reduced, necrosis shed film increased, color is pink, said slurry sex Lochia, then blood volume more less, containing large white cell and degradation shed film, called white Lochia, General continued 2-3 week. Normal elou there's blood but not rotten, 4-6 weeks, gradually reducing, color and light. If the amount of Lochia, long duration, and smell, reproductive tract infections, should go to the doctor as soon as possible. So this time must not have sex. Lochia full clean, sex in moderation, preferably once a week. Before sex, couples to clean the vulva to prevent causing urinary tract infections.
also, note also that contraception in lactation. There are a lot of women produce more rapid recovery of endocrine, ovulation has been restored in lactation, the slightest mistake, would be pregnant. Therefore, the "child as long as milk, mother is not pregnant" is not scientific. Pain has just passed, it will be another back pain of abortion, it can be worse. Because the baby is nursing, drugs should not be used for contraception, condoms can be used, and so on.