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Old hen stew not fit maternity

  from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the hen's chicken yin, more suitable for virtual women, frail elderly and long illness are edible, that's why old chicken soup can be a lot of people respected. Old hen due to the long growing period, chicken contained more umami than chicken, the main reason for this is to make chicken soup taste more delicious. In addition, old hen higher fat content, stew soup is sweeter.
However, from the nutritional point of view, nutrients in a broiler chicken is much higher than the old ones. First of all, chicken meat containing more protein and less old chicken in protein content. Second, the old hen chicken is only 40% per cent of its weight, and most of them are fat and elastic connective tissue. Elasticity elastin of connective tissue which is not soluble in water, only a small amount of absorption by the body, will reduce the nutritional value of old hen has. Chicken after cooking, the chicken is very easy to separate and become tender and soft, this note, which contains less elastic connective tissue, nutrition is more conducive to human digestion and absorption.
mother: not superstitious old hen stew
recent studies show that women should not be produced immediately to drink chicken soup for the mother. This is because the hen's body contains more estrogen (estrogen in the body, the more the older the hen), absorbed by the maternal inhibits prolactin secretion, resulting in a maternal lack of milk or dairy-free. Therefore, the tonic without the necessary role of superstitious old hen stew.
1, pig's feet soup
effects: shugan Jieyu tongru, suitable for liver-Qi and stagnation of postpartum milk-absence.
2, stewed CARP with rice wine (papaya, tofu Braised crucian carp Carassius auratus)
effects: ventilation milk, not treating postnatal deficiency of qi and blood, breast milk.
3, Lily porridge
effects: thirst, diuretic tongru, suitable for postpartum milk insufficiency syndrome.
4, wine shrimp soup
efficacy: breast under, not suitable for postpartum body empty, breast milk. Black Sesame soup

5, effects: liver and kidney, run five Zang-organs, suitable for postpartum milk enough, weight loss, constipation, premature graying hair and so on.
6, papaya fish soup
Description: postpartum women weak weak, if improper care, lack of appetite, breast milk. Nourishing Qi, to drink papaya fish soup, because the whale tail spleen Qi, together with papaya soup, through breast and stomach function, most suitable for postpartum women to drink. Green Papaya shape convex-shaped, smooth skin. Ripe melon by the blue gradient for Orange, melon, Orange and red, covered with round and smooth in the middle of the small black seeds. First grass carp fish fry, with two bowls of water falls and boil again for a moment, back with slow fire burning inside so that you can make the soup is milky white, more delicious.