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Postnatal weight key

  do not eat salt or spices
in General, pregnancy weight increased by about 12 kilograms of the whole process. This 12 kilograms of weight how to disappear from the body is the focus of the new mother. Now we calculate, together with the baby, the placenta weighs about 5.5 kg 6.5 kg, and one water accounted for more than 60%.
in other words, various factors arising from the water due to pregnancy must be MOM slowly discharge after childbirth. Therefore, if during the period of confinement, eating foods too salty or with soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup and other condiments, pickled or eaten foods, canned foods, will cause water retention in the body, difficult to discharge, weight naturally be dropped.
that's why maternal postpartum 1th week drink as little as possible causes. If the key cannot reach the 1th week of "water swelling" purposes, but there is no fear of water, would have negative effects on the metabolism, so, you want to lose the next 3 weeks will be very difficult.
implementation phase sibu
1th week postpartum's main goal is to "carry water swelling" net emission of Lochia, so definitely not tonic supplement. Correct ideas of supplements are: first row of Lochia, after blood, Lochia more, less filling.
to grasp the concept of periodic supplements. Simply put, is the NET 2 weeks before because of nifaas is not, should not be nourishing, diet should focus on promoting metabolism and flush out on too much water. 1th, Zhou Yi "Sesame pork liver" as the main food, help the uterus out and other wastes of Lochia; 2nd week in "sesame oil around the" activate blood circulation and preventing low back pain. Until the 3rd, 4 weeks, Lochia NET before they can start eating "sesame oil chicken" and the blood and qi. Some maternal not bear refused to family of love said, production a end on eat sesame oil chicken, from first days to confined of last day, not FAT only blame!
in addition, diet Shang more should seeks to light, and less salt, and bogey fat, and hot dinner, and chewed, and declined snacks and so on, as can comply with these principles, confined within of into fill on not has fat of runs, can be described as both.
and timely movement of beauty's mother noticed, after production must tie belt, preferably even sleep is no exception. This will not only help the body restore, there is abdominal ptosis and sagging, eliminating stretch marks prevention role. However, with real production belt for pregnant women, is a long strip of Ribbon, tie free Web, from bottom to top along the curves of the body chanbang, pendulous abdomen so as to be fully lifted and supports, plastic.
in addition, maternal labour should be avoided, but moderate exercise to remove the waist, hips, fat, restoring flexibility is necessary.
in General, 14 days post partum abdominal muscle contractions can begin, sit-up exercise, like aerobic dance and mother, you have to wait 6 weeks before they can start again. In short, postpartum exercise should be persistent, the effect is surprisingly good.
mother's body in order to produce milk in person will be stored in adipose tissue during pregnancy consumed 1.1 points. Daily manufacturing milk, about consumption 2 092~3 347.2 joules (500~800 card) of heat, one months Hou, will than not feed feeding breast of mother more consumption 62 760~10 0416 Joules (15 000~24 000 card) heat, conversion into fat words, that is nearly 2 kilograms of fat!
so, many medical research are proved, personally nursing of mother compared can early recovery figure, and reduced breast cancer, and ovarian cancer of occurred rate.
the four listed above, can help new moms quickly back into shape in as little as 30 days, even lighter than before, with a new back office! of course, too much weight gain during pregnancy, postpartum weight more easily.

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