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Training and certification

☆ training curriculum expert instruction: women maternity hospitals, children's hospitals, senior nursing, public dietitian taught himself.
☆ maternity practice: nursing students must to woman produced hospital practice operation, by training steering Division personally Guide, and by old months sister-in-law shift internship;
☆ psychological quality expand: nursing total steering nursery lecturer (has career training funding qualified certificate; engaged in maternal and child nursing career 5 years);
☆ strictly assessment: accept labor of professional skills exam, written, and operation are qualified who, to issued labour issued of qualification certificate.
☆ holding card induction: maternal and child nursing member must holds health card, and ID, and nursery Division card;
a,. nursing professional courses
1. maternal and child nursing expertise training;
2. nutrition catering training;
3. puerperium health training;
4. newborn daily nursing training;
5. infant early intelligent development training;
b. expand courses
ethics training;
service mentality training; < BR/> psychological quality adjustment training;
willpower exercise;
c. language communication courses
courtesy terms training;
language expression way training;
communication skills training;
language disputes resolve skills training;
d. personal manners image courses
grooming decorative training;
form attitude training;
clothing wearing training;
training by reached of results:
-change-< BR/> all caregivers learn Gong Jing-month nurse training centre provides courses, get not only the specialized training to our professionalism and is a change of heart. Change is omni-directional, from the appearance of the dress to the way, full of warm and cheerful, experienced the vicissitudes of our xijinqianhua, is more stable, simple.
only love themselves, to care for others. Meet the needs of the customer, remember your past with motherhood mood, we put ourselves into this makeshift family, turning customers into "families". "Family" prenatal and post-natal depression, irritability, can understand understanding with our patient, careful, attentive, nursing job.
Gong Jing counties joined Home Economics Services Ltd recruitment, the company sent the train. This year the company training month, baby sitter, nanny, cleaning, food tender free training through Labor Bureau issued after passing the examination of social intermediate vocational qualifications certificate of the Ministry of labor and social security.
Tel: 021-8261212